4 Speed Display Products That Can Reduce Casualties This Holiday Season

Unfortunately, 2021 has already been a dangerous year on our nation’s roads. Not only have we seen the highest number of road accidents and fatalities since 2006, but we’ve seen the largest single-year spike in these statistics between 2020 and 2021 since records began. In short, this has already been a bad year for speeding and accidents. As we enter the hectic holiday period, it will be even more important to remind drivers to take care.

The solution is both increased enforcement and increased driver awareness. For police departments, the challenge is always to deploy resources in the most effective and efficient way. By gathering accurate speed data, decision-makers can identify problem areas within their jurisdiction. This, in turn, means more effective policing without having to employ extra officers. 

As for the drivers themselves, many of them are not speeding intentionally, but are simply continuing a bad habit that they have picked up during the emptier roads of the pandemic. Here, then, are 4 speed display products that are perfect for helping drivers to keep both themselves and other road users safe, by encouraging them to self-police and watch their speed.


The PMD 10 and 12 portable RADAR displays and lightweight, highly visible, amber LED displays. They are two different sizes of the same model, featuring either 10 inch or 12 inch characters, with a flashing violator alert, red-blue light bar violator alert and white LED strobe violator alert. An interchangeable “YOUR SPEED” sign is included and “School Zone”, “Work Zone”, and “Speed Limit” signs are optional. All signs are ‘manual on uniform traffic control devices’ (MUTCD) compliant. The PMD is made with rugged aluminum, weighs less than 20 pounds, and runs for 7 days on a rechargeable battery.


The SMART 18 HP+ speed monitoring awareness RADAR is the perfect way to increase driver awareness. The trailer shows each passing driver their RADAR measured speed on a clear display designed for maximum visibility. The SMART 18 HP+ trailer has 18 inch characters with 2½ digit display capable of displaying speeds up to 199 (km/h), and the high-intensity LED display is visible up to 1,250 feet. The trailer is built to withstand the elements, while remaining lightweight and easy to deploy. It includes a weatherproof storage box for speed signs, equipment and batteries, and can operate continuously for up to 7 days with one battery.  An optional second battery and 50W solar panel can be added for extended operation.


The PMD 18 is a pole mounted display with18” characters, highly visible amber LEDs, flashing characters, overspeed violator alert and multiple options. The PMD 18 includes Kustom Signals’ K-band directional RADAR, DRU III, which allows the display of oncoming drivers speeds, while allowing the optional traffic statistics to collect data of both approaching and receding targets. The PMD 18 includes a wireless configuration that operates with Windows and Android SMARTstat™ software for data collection. There are many options available, including a white LED simulated photo strobe overspeed violator alert, integrated traffic statistics computer, or solar power configuration. In this way, the PMD 18 is adaptable for any number of locations, situations and departmental needs.


The VMS III is a variable message sign trailer that can be quickly and easily put into place. The unit is fully compliant  with ‘national transportation communications for intelligent transportation systems protocol’ (NTCIP). The VMS III is the perfect way to quickly relay a message to drivers via its amber LED lights, which provide outstanding visibility. The sign can be raised on a hydraulic lift and runs for up to 13 days on 2 deep cycle batteries. This runtime can be further extended with additional batteries and solar options; the Homeland Trailer Bundle includes a 80W solar panel and 6 batteries that can increase the continuous run time to 40 days.


We all want a happy and safe holiday period, both on and off the roads. Police departments around the country can make more informed decisions when they have accurate data, which means more efficient and effective policing with their current resources. And, as mentioned previously, many of the more dangerous drivers who are speeding on our roads are doing so unintentionally and just need to be made aware of their speed. So let’s help them to help themselves, by providing clear and accurate speed data directly to drivers, wherever they may need it.

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