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Kustom Signals Announces New Controller for the G3 Vision, coming soon!
KSI announced today the release of the Anywhere Monitor Controller (AMC)...
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We are In the News
In an effort to keep up with the published material on Kustom Signals,...
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Fiscal Year-end Purchases
As we approach the end of the fiscal year for Federal Agencies, our longtime...
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Gulf Traffic Exhibition
Gulf Traffic 2013 is a dedicated event for the Road, Public Transport and...
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Kustom Signals to Attend Milipol 2013
Kustom Signals, along with our other Public Safety Equipment companies,...
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See You at IACP
Kustom Signals, Inc. will be attending IACP 2013 taking place at the Pennsylvania...
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Kustom Signals, Inc. to attend the 17th International Exhibition, Interpolitex, in Russia
Kustom Signals will be attending the 17th International Homeland Security...
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Victoria Police Boost Anti-Speeding Arsenal with New Handheld Laser Devices
The Herald Sun News out of Australia has reported the Victoria Police’s...
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Kustom Signals Shows Officer Appreciation and Competes at the Great Lenexa BBQ Battle
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Officer Appreciation Reception...
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Kustom In-Car Video Provides Important Testimony
On March 7, 2013, Chief James Winstead II of the Blaine Police Department...
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