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How a UK Online Portal Has Revolutionized the Reporting of Dangerous Driving to Law Enforcement
Since 2018, the National Dash Cam Safety Portal has saved the UK Police...
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Kustom Signals, Inc. announced today the release of the NEW StealthStat...
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70+ Years in the Making: Inside The Incredible History of the Police Speed Gun
Did you know that speed guns used by the police today were once developed...
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Body Camera Spotlight: State and Police Advocates of New Legislation & Programs
The use of body cameras by police have widely reported benefits and negatives,...
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Police Car Tech on the Rise: Sirens, Automation & Kia’s Concept Car
Innovations in modern police cruisers (and those of the future) play a...
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Driving Under the Influence: Technology Innovation that’s helping to reduce Tragedy
Driving under the influence is a serious problem around the world. In the...
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The Pros and Cons of Police Body Worn Cameras (Infographic)
If you're responsible for purchasing within your law enforcement department,...
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The Evolution of Self-Driving Cars & Their Policing
Given that, by 2035, there are expected to be 4.5 million self-driving...
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5 of the Coolest Police Cars Around the World
When you think of your local law enforcement vehicles that patrol your...
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Electric Bikes, Motorcycles & Scooters: The Future of Policing on 2 Wheels?
In an effort to improve efficiency, hybrid and electric patrol cars are...
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