Category: Transport Technology

3 Versatile Devices to Enhance Everyday Officer Safety and Effectiveness
Regardless of gender, race or age, 46% of officers associated with being...
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Urban Traffic Enforcement Innovation in Las Vegas, NYC & Bangalore
As technology continues to reshape nearly every sector of society, law...
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The Technology Used to Sanitize Police Vehicles (USA & India)
Law enforcement agencies are turning to high-tech innovations to disinfect...
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COVID-19 Innovative Tech in US Law Enforcement: Virtual Response, Homeless Drones, & Draganfly
The highly contagious virus has made law enforcement agencies rethink how...
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3 Current Law Enforcement Adoptions of 5G Technology from China, Dubai & Spain
Several law enforcement agencies are now starting to believe that 5G can...
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Meet the Robots & Drones Helping Law Enforcement During COVID-19 (VIDEOS)
Law enforcement agencies around the globe have been deploying robots and...
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US and German Departments Among Law Enforcement Adopting Green Technology
Recently, agencies have been adopting innovative strategies and environmentally...
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4 Ways for Law Enforcers to Protect Themselves & Others During COVID-19 (INFOGRAPHIC)
The CDC has published a few measures to help law enforcement personnel...
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3 US Police Department Strategies for Practicing Social Distancing during the Pandemic
Officers across the U.S. are beginning to tailor their arrests and treatment...
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How International Police Agencies are Facing the Coronavirus Outbreak
Over 4,000 people have lost their lives, thousands more are fighting for...
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