How LASER/LIDAR Technology Can Help Reduce Traffic Deaths

As if there hasn’t been enough bad news lately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released some very troubling numbers concerning traffic fatalities in 2019. Approximately 31,720 people died in motor vehicle crashes throughout the United States between January and September 2021, representing an increase of about 12% over the same period of the previous year. 

Unsafe Driving Habits Persist in Post-Pandemic Life

Researchers with the National Safety Council have been studying reasons for the rise in traffic deaths, which became evident with the release of 2020’s report of 38,680 deaths on U.S. roadways, the most since 2007. Initially, it was believed that increased stress and anxiety from the pandemic was the cause for the 2020 uptick, but as numbers have remained high, researchers have looked toward other factors, including unsafe driving habits. NHTSA’s analysis shows that the primary behaviors driving include: impaired driving, speeding, and failure to wear a seat belt.

Help For Law Enforcement to Reverse the Deadly Trends

The NHTSA data clearly shows the critical need for law enforcement to focus on correcting dangerous driving habits. Fortunately, Kustom Signals has affordable and effective technologies to meet a wide range of department needs in developing traffic law enforcement programs that reduce traffic deaths.

LaserCam 4 High-Performance Photo/Video LIDAR

The LaserCam 4 with 36x optical zoom delivers irrefutable evidence of your target specific tracking history, with speed and range measurements of all targets placed on each frame at the time of measurement. This advanced system allows you to capture the make and model of the vehicle at a much greater range, and capture data before drivers see enforcement operations and slow down.

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High-speed target that was clocked during the pandemic with the LaserCam 4.

ProLaser 4 High Performance Handheld LIDAR

The ProLaser 4 features a user-friendly ergonomic design for outstanding comfort during use. Features like Event Recall and Display Lock to ensure that measurement is never lost due to an inadvertent trigger pull. The ProLaser 4 option for ‘Following Too Close’ (FTC) mode allows the user to accurately track the distance between vehicles on the road.

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Technology and Support for Speed Enforcement Programs

As a leading provider of technology tools for law enforcement, Kustom Signals provides support for police departments that want to start a speed enforcement program. Through our website, you can connect with a variety of resources, in addition to the tools your department needs. Kustom Signals has been awarded the NASPO Valuepoint Agreement for Police RADAR/LIDAR Speed Enforcement & Speed Advisory Systems, Parts, and Accessories.

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