How States Are Adopting Cell Phone Laws to Decrease Distracted Driving

As you prepare your end of the year budget, consider how to invest in public safety tools and programs. These initiatives should be backed by real-time data and research conducted at the national level. 

Here at Kustom Signals, we are learning more about how states are adopting cell phone laws in an effort to curb distracted driving. Certain regions, like the Pacific Northwest (PNW), are putting into place some of the strictest cell phone laws in the nation. Find out how these laws apply to your jurisdiction and whether you need to invest in more technology by Kustom Signals.

Latest IIHS Data

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS is one of the key agencies responsible for data analysis and report evaluation for the US public highway system. This information helps public agencies and police departments determine how to fund and promote certain initiatives and programs for public safety. We have the latest data regarding cell phone use laws and one region in the nation where there are heavier laws.

According to the latest IIHS research reported by the Governors Highway Safety Association, “two states – Oregon and Washington – implemented laws broadly banning drivers from holding a cell phone or other electronic device while behind the wheel, including when the vehicle is stopped in traffic or at a red light…California…enacted a prohibition on ‘holding and using’ a cell phone but did not specify that it applies to temporary vehicle stops.”

Since the states of Washington and Oregon have implemented cell phone bans, each state has seen a drop in crashes. There have been 11 percent fewer rear-end injury crashes in Washington, and nine percent fewer in Oregon, as a result of the bans on holding a cell phone while driving a vehicle. This indicates that not having a cell phone in your hand when operating a vehicle on a highway will reduce your chances of getting rear-ended.

What Is a Rear-End Accident?

A rear-end accident occurs when you are hit from behind. This type of accident is the result of having to hit your brakes too hard and too late because you are startled or not paying attention to the road in front of you. When this happens, the car behind you hits you from behind because they cannot see what you are doing and they do not have time to react in a safe manner.

This is one of the most frequent types of car accidents happening on highways today and is often a result of distracted driving. Keep your patrolling officers informed on how to spot signs of distracted driving and the equipment to record the incident for evidence.

How to Protect Against Cell Phone Use in Your City

Cell phone use laws in various states are stringent and all states now prohibit all drivers from texting while driving. As someone working in law enforcement, there are ways to reduce behaviors that lead to crashes such as cell phone use, following too closely, and distracted driving while traveling in your city. 

Equip your officers with innovative LIDAR equipment, such as Kustom Signals ProLaser® 4 which features a Following Too Close (FTC) mode that determines if the trailing vehicle is following too closely. Choose areas that might be a hot zone for rear-end accidents or speeding, or where drivers are regularly being caught by officers for texting behind the wheel. Take it even a step further with our LaserCam 4 which allows for video enforcement and evidence for distracted driving.

Choose Kustom Signals LaserCam 4 to Deter Distracted Drivers

Let Kustom Signals support your team as you put together a program for deterring distracted driving. Our LaserCam 4 records video evidence of distracted driving, such as cell phone usage. We also have a long-range yoke and polarizing filter that helps officers see further away, with the filter allowing them to see into the cabin of cars.

This high-performance photo and video police LIDAR device is a solid investment in enhancing the effectiveness of your department as it delivers irrefutable proof to support law enforcement. Powered by the ProLaser® 4 for optimal performance, LaserCam 4 offers superior target range, faster acquisition time, image resolution of plates at longer distances, as well as a complete video record of speed enforcement and tracking history.

As states work harder to reduce this dangerous behavior associated with distracted driving, Kustom Signals has the tools law enforcement agencies need. The LaserCam 4 is the perfect solution for catching video of texting drivers. Request a quote for the Kustom Signals LaserCam 4 today.

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