How to Improve the Safety of Rural Roads in America 

At Kustom Signals, we offer products for law enforcement agencies who are interested in improving the safety of their jurisdiction – no matter the size and population. Speeding is one of the leading causes of danger on highways and byways, but can be much more deadly in rural areas.

Here are some recommendations on how law enforcement can be effective when dealing with the challenges of rural road safety.

Recommendations for Safer Rural Roads

Reduce Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is due to the use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and cannabis – all of which are legal in some capacity in the US. So what can you do as an officer to reduce impaired driving?

Work with the community to encourage responsible use of alcohol and cannabis. Advocate for more responsible hosting and serving with restaurants and bars, as well as cannabis dispensaries and medical offices. Train officers to identify the signs and symptoms of impairment when they pull over drivers exhibiting dangerous driving behavior. In the case of impaired drivers, it is essential to document evidence so that prosecutions will be successful. While field testing for drugs and alcohol is important, video evidence is also critical, particularly in the case of cannabis, where testing may be unreliable. Kustom Signals has handheld photo/video LIDAR tools which can be instrumental in capturing dangerous behaviors live and on the scene to assist prosecution.

Remove Roadside Trees and Shrubs

This might surprise you, but the growth of shrubs and trees along ditches and roadsides might be the cause of accidents in your vicinity. Conduct observations of rural roads prone to speeding and road incidents to determine if natural growth is impeding driver safety. A tree removal program in South Carolina showed a positive reduction in the number of injuries in roadway departure crashes.

Enforce Safe Speeds

Speeding increases the risk of accident and injury every single time there is a car crash. In rural communities, where there are fewer drivers and vehicles to contend with, drivers have fewer chances of getting caught going over the speed limit. Additionally, there may be an increased drive, quite literally, to get home so you are not out alone on the rural roads.

Enforcing speed limits remains the top way for law enforcement to reduce this type of driving behavior. Some of the more affordable methods of reducing speeding are through driver feedback signs and lane narrowing.

RADAR Speed Displays

Speed displays indicate if a driver is speeding and what their speed is through a digital sign. In the case of rural roads in particular, drivers may not be aware of the speed limit. Kustom Signals has a variety of speed trailers and speed displays that are easy to install and work with LIDAR and RADAR detection equipment to help officers combat speeding on the scene.

When a driver sees with their own eyes what their personal speed is, it certainly highlights their speed. With this knowledge, drivers are less capable of saying they didn’t realize how fast they were driving. A big issue for small/rural departments is often funding. Speed awareness tools effectively increase the footprint of an agency without having to deploy additional officers. When speed awareness products are used in conjunction with traffic data collection tools, law enforcement finds it very beneficial in helping to identify periods of time where enforcement is needed. This way, the police can focus their limited speed enforcement resources when and where they are needed the most.

Handheld RADAR

Update your speed monitoring tools with the use of our handheld RADAR, including the Falcon HR. Handheld K-band RADAR or dash mount options allow for flexible operation. Falcon HR offers the performance of a high-end RADAR at a fraction of the cost. Our convenient and efficient handheld radar guns are courtroom-ready with producing evidence for reports.

Another reliable option is the Kustom Signals Directional Talon RADAR system. This easy-to-use tool includes a comprehensive display and indicators, making it a favorite in police handheld speed RADAR guns.

Stop Distracted Driving and Speeding With Kustom Products

Kustom Signals is here to assist your department with making the rural roads in your jurisdiction safer. Whether you need assistance in the development of your speed enforcement program, or help with selecting tools like Handheld RADAR, In-Car RADAR, RADAR Speed Displays, Traffic Data Collection tools, our team is here to assist.

Need assistance with funding for equipment? Kustom Signals connects police departments with resources through our partnership with PoliceGrantsHelp. Contact us to learn more.

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