How to Purchase Police Body Worn and In-Car Camera Systems: Kustom Signals & PoliceOne Webinar Recap

The experienced team at Kustom Signals produces informative webinars for the law enforcement professionals we serve. Our most recent presentation, in partnership with PoliceOne, explored the topic of Empowering Policing with access to police cameras. 

The main focus of the April 17th webinar was on initiating body-worn cameras or in-car videos as key tech strategies for enhancing transparency, accountability, and community trust.

Empowering Policing Webinar Topics

  • How to Navigate the Purchasing Process – Captain Dale Roberson answers questions about his experience with upgrading an in-car and body worn camera platform
  • How to Determine Hardware Requirements – Technical Sales Engineer Manager Colin McIver discusses how your department can determine your hardware requirements
  • How to Determine Software Requirements – Video Product Manager Keifer Ware will discuss software requirements your department will need to consider
  • How to Find Grants to Use as a Funding Source – Lexipol/PoliceGrantsHelp’s Michael Vertucci will discuss how the Grantfinder platform can help your agency

Webinar attendees learned details about setting up a comprehensive Body-Worn Camera (BWC) or In-Car Video (ICV) program tailored to meet their specific needs and goals. Participants also gained insights into developing comprehensive policies that balance privacy considerations, legal compliance, and operational effectiveness. 

Empowering Policing Webinar Available to Watch Now

If you missed the live event, you can watch it now on our YouTube channel:

Interested in learning more about the specifics of the webinar? Head on over to PoliceOne for more highlights on the educational webinar.

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