Intuitive, Secure Evidence Management with the Eyewitness Data Vault

Intuitive, Secure Evidence Management – Eyewitness Data Vault

Kustom Signals, Inc. is proudly launching its latest digital evidence management database solution: Eyewitness Data VaultTM.  Influenced by nearly 25 years supplying leading in-car video solutions to law enforcement, the Eyewitness Data Vault offers unmatched configurability and can satisfy and support the needs of any agency. Eyewitness Data Vault can be used from a single workstation with several users to a large scale Enterprise class solution with thousands of users and multiple ingestion sites.

Eyewitness Data Vault is a powerful digital video management solution that automatically and securely manages digital evidence locally or across a network. Offering a contemporary look and feel, this intuitive software simplifies learning and enables efficient use. It supports simple and advanced searches, multi-camera synchronous playback, easy file duplication and provides database access to authorized users over your network.

Eyewitness Data Vault manages evidence from all Kustom digital in-car, motorcycle and body worn video in addition to non-proprietary sources for effective and convenient case managment.  It is compatible with Active Directory and LDAP, easily integrating with established login credentials.

A configurable “rights management” feature is also included to allow agencies to establish which files each user or group is allowed to access. Individual files can also be restricted to certain users (e.g.  Internal Affairs and/or agency attorneys) overriding established access policies.

Automatic file integrity checks (MD5) are performed upon ingestion and whenever a file is moved to ensure authenticity. Comprehensive audit reports document each file’s chain of custody providing audit reports that can be easily added and exported or copied to a disc along with the video file if needed for court.

Eyewitness Data Vault also supports G3 Vision in-car video system software updates during automated file transfer sessions.

Features Summary:

  • Manage evidence from all Kustom digital in-car, motorcycle and body worn video in addition to non-proprietary sources
  • Supports multiple ingestion sites
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Local and Cloud storage ready
  • Supports Active Directory and LDAP
  • Multi-camera synchronous playback
  • Includes access to authorized users over your network
  • Agency-defined retention times and storage options, based on file classification

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