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Managing Your Evidence Safely with the ProLog Video Laser Back Office
From the daily work of speed enforcement to providing essential evidence...
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Declutter your duty belt! Vantage Body camera now streams audio to the Eyewitness HD In-Car Video
Kustom Signals, Inc.´s Vantage body-worn video camera can now replace the...
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The Future of Police Dashboard Cameras
Police dash cameras have evolved significantly since they were initially...
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$89.7 Billion Global Video Surveillance by 2025
The use of video surveillance is growing significantly, owing to the increasing...
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Police Dash Cameras: Their Impact on Policing
​According to an IACP study, in the late 1960s Connecticut State Police...
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Kustom Signals, Inc. announced today that their newest in-car video (ICV)...
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DOJ is launching a $20 million pilot program
Law enforcement agencies across the country and worldwide are using body-worn...
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Camera Purchase for Police was a Wise City Investment
Another instance where body-worn video has proven to be a wise investment...
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In-Car Video Just Got Extreme
The already robust and reliable G3 Vision is now available in an Extreme...
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Intuitive, Secure Evidence Management with the Eyewitness Data Vault
Kustom Signals, Inc. is proudly launching its latest digital evidence management...
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