Kustom Signals Eagle 3 Certification Management Feature

In 2018, Kustom Signals released the revolutionary Eagle® 3 directional RADAR, which has since become an extremely popular choice among law enforcement agencies for the ultimate in RADAR technology.

Eagle 3 Technology

The first RADAR to independently verify the Doppler patrol speed without an electrical connection to the patrol vehicle, the Eagle 3 has patented Wireless Speed Sensing. An integrated antenna uses satellite signals as an independent speed source to verify the patrol vehicle’s Doppler ground speed. 

Featuring both front and rear scan mode, the Eagle 3 offers comprehensive coverage, while being the smallest moving Doppler RADAR on the market. The Eagle 3 provides a better method of dual antenna operation to replace the confusing five-window RADAR presentation with two Doppler tones. The Eagle 3 with Scan Mode enables both the front and rear antennas to be active simultaneously. Scan Mode presents target speeds and Doppler from one target zone, front or rear, depending on which zone has the fastest target present.

Certification Management Features

The Eagle 3 also has a certification management feature, which includes an optional lock out on expiration. 

  • The Eagle 3 start-up sequence includes a certification test and a count-down of the days remaining until the system certification expires
  • During the warning period (i.e. last 30 days) the operator must acknowledge the certification message by pressing the test button to bypass and place into service
  • With certification expiration, the operator may continue to test the unit to place the system into service
  • Optionally, the unit may be locked out until recertified by Kustom, customer technicians, or an authorized service provider
  • Kustom includes a free PC utility to reset the certification dates and to program the notification period

Why Certification is so Important

While some states and agencies have no speed equipment certification policies, other states have laws that require that their equipment be certified regularly. One of the first challenges officers often face in court is the question of when their speed equipment was last certified. If the answer to that question is in conflict with the departmental policy or case law, then the speeding citation could be in jeopardy. In 2014, an Asheville, NC internal police review found 250 tickets out of 4,500 tickets issued were based on speed measured by radar guns with out-of-date certifications. As a result, several hundred tickets were refunded by the district attorney.

Managing equipment certifications can be challenging for an agency with limited resources. Kustom Signals’ Certification Management solutions offer an efficient way for agencies to manage their certification process. Beyond the Eagle 3, other products offered by Kustom Signals that feature the benefit of patented certification management include:

  • Raptor RP-1 – Weatherproof dash mount RADAR for police cars & motorcycles
  • ProLaser 4 – High performance handheld LIDAR
  • LaserCam 4 – High performance photo/video LIDAR

Kustom Signals also provides equipment certification services if desired. We are proud to develop and provide tools that help agencies efficiently and manage their resources. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve your agency.

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