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Recent Biometric Advancements being used in Law Enforcement
Police biometrics is going through a rapid evolution of technology development,...
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The Latest K9 Tech: Chasing Suspects & Saving Lives
Police dog units function around the relationship that the officer has...
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How AI is Assisting Police with Non-Violent Crime (Lessons from Dubai, Japan & Spain)
Crimes are not always violent, but that doesn't mean they do not harm....
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How Tech & Local Residents are Creating a Safer, More Efficient Traffic Enforcement
Car crash prediction software, reward programs for local residents and...
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Car chases are one of the most dangerous police operations. In 2018, 6...
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Police Social Media: A Tool for Community Outreach, Recruitment & Crime Solving!
With today’s speed of information and tech-savvy civilians, social media...
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Crowd Monitoring Tech being Used Across the World
From the merely inconvenient frustrations such as foot traffic congestion...
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How US Police Departments are Using Drones
As of May 2018, at least 599 law enforcement agencies had purchased drones,...
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How New Police Technology is Combatting Gun Violence
Every day, 100 Americans are killed with guns and hundreds more are shot...
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How Cyber Criminals use Social Media to Scam
Reports of cybercrime involving social media grew by more than 30,000%...
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