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April 15, 2020

Meet the Robots & Drones Helping Law Enforcement During COVID-19 (VIDEOS)

Law enforcement agencies around the globe have been deploying robots and drones to remotely enforce quarantine restrictions. Let’s look at some examples.

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April 8, 2020

US and German Departments Among Law Enforcement Adopting Green Technology

Recently, agencies have been adopting innovative strategies and environmentally friendly technology to lower their CO2 emissions and increase the use of clean energies. In this article, we look at some examples…

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April 3, 2020

How cybercriminals are taking advantage of COVID-19

Over the last few months, opportunists have been trying to make money from the pandemic by either sending ´phishing´ emails, hacking or selling counterfeit goods.

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March 20, 2020

How Police Departments are Entertaining Kids during Isolation through Social Media

While kids are stuck at home, several police departments across the country are using social media to entertain the little ones. Some officers are reading books and others are encouraging kids to create art projects. Let’s look at a few examples.

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March 13, 2020

How International Police Agencies are Facing the Coronavirus Outbreak

Over 4,000 people have lost their lives, thousands more are fighting for their survival in hospitals, and the virus is officially now classed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization…

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March 5, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Helping Law Enforcement: 3 Current Uses in Everyday Global Policing

Here’s how these three uses of AI have helped police departments to fight crime in cities across the world…

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February 26, 2020

How a UK Online Portal Has Revolutionized the Reporting of Dangerous Driving to Law Enforcement

Since 2018, the National Dash Cam Safety Portal has saved the UK Police over 68,000 hours of work.

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February 18, 2020

South African Police Partners with Facebook to Find Missing Children

Social networking can be a powerful tool when it comes to rallying people for causes. That is exactly why the South African Police Service (SAPS) has partnered with Facebook to use its platform to deliver amber alert notifications when a child goes missing…

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February 11, 2020

How Open Data is Transforming Law Enforcement in Toronto

The Community Assessment Portal is a part of Toronto’s new community-based policing initiative, which uses open data to make both fighting crime and helping people a more transparent job.

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February 8, 2020


Kustom Signals, Inc. announced today the release of the NEW StealthStat II. The StealthStat II allows agencies to discretely collect and easily analyze traffic data to identify and address speed related issues.

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