Tag: Police History

The Origins Of 5 Pieces Of Police Equipment
Modern police equipment is hugely varied, spanning from the simple baton...
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Sending in the Cavalry: The Legacy of Mounted Police Units Around the World
Long before motorized vehicles, freeways and speed-measuring devices, people...
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The 5 Greatest Literary Detectives - And The Cases That Made Them Immortal
When you think of detective fiction, you will likely imagine Sir Arthur...
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Edmond Locard, The Sherlock Holmes of France
Scientific criminology goes back a lot further than the early 21st century...
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The Journey of the Sheriff from Old England to Modern Day America
Upon hearing the word sheriff, you may imagine a showdown taking place...
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Key Differences Between Policing the COVID-19 & 1918 Flu Pandemics
Considering how primitive medicine was in 1918, as well as the fact that...
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70+ Years in the Making: Inside The Incredible History of the Police Speed Gun
Did you know that speed guns used by the police today were once developed...
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