Kustom Signals Leads the Way with Enforceable Evidence

Evidence is a key component when it comes to crime convictions. In the United States, “a presumption of innocence,” states Cornell Law School, “means that any defendant in a criminal trial is assumed to be innocent until they have been proven guilty.” How can guilt be proven? It often falls to evidence.

Even individuals not in law enforcement know how important evidence is for the police, investigators, litigators, suspects, and victims of crimes and incidents. According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), evidence is useful to:

  • Determine how a crime was committed
  • Connect a suspect with a crime or identify the criminal
  • Clear an innocent person

When it comes to enforceable evidence, Kustom Signals leads the way with cutting-edge technology and equipment designed specifically for law enforcement agencies. We have exactly what your officers need in the field and the back office.

Kustom Signals: Industry Leader with Enforceable Evidence Technology

We know you want and need the most innovative, reliable, and easy-to-use technology and equipment for your law enforcement officers. Kustom Signals has been leading the way, the first in the industry to engineer event history and complete tracking history on our ProLaser 4, the Eagle 3 RADAR, and the LaserCam 4.

ProLaser® 4

The ProLaser 4, a high-performance handheld LIDAR, was the first laser to feature “Event History,” a highly sought-after capability that is a total game-changer in evidence management. 

The ProLaser 4’s event recall and display lock features are exactly what your officers in the field want and need. These features are designed so speed measurements are never lost, even if there’s an inadvertent trigger pull. It happens, and when it does, the ProLaser 4 makes sure it doesn’t cost you critical data. 

Speed, range, units, and target direction measurements are presented on the rear display with a date and timestamp. This feature is very popular to assist with writing a citation, especially when radioing target information to chase cars. Events are also downloadable from the ProLaser 4 to a spreadsheet, at which point additional information like the length of time each target was continuously measured and the device’s serial number. The optional “Select Event” storage makes it easy to save only the locked targets of interest (i.e. just the locks that will be enforced).

To download measurements from the ProLaser 4 over the USB to a spreadsheet, users can use the ProLaser 4 Events Utility available at our Kustom Signals website.

ProLaser 4 Events Spreadsheet

Eagle® 3 RADAR

Our revolutionary new RADAR, the Eagle 3 is not only the first of its kind to feature “Event History,” but it’s also the first to provide an independent method for verifying the Doppler patrol speed without needing an electrical connection to the patrol vehicle. 

The Eagle 3’s events log stores locked target data, fork tests, and GPS-marked location to internal memory which is easily downloaded with a PC utility. The Eagle 3 locked target data includes the date and UTC time, locked target speed, GPS coordinates, patrol vehicle heading, and the Eagle 3 mode of operation and front or rear antenna. 

Eagle 3 event spreadsheet
Eagle 3 Events Spreadsheet with Locked Target, Fork Test, and GPS Marked Location

The GPS coordinates can even be cut and pasted into a map software to see exactly where the patrol vehicle was located when the Event was recorded. Follow this link to see how the storage process works.

LaserCam® 4

The LaserCam 4, our fourth-generation high-performance photo and video LIDAR, features evidence recordings of the complete tracking history—the ultimate tool for both photo and video evidence. 

The complete tracking history is captured, recorded, and preserved for enforceable evidence. It’s the LIDAR you want, with technology designed to produce a greater range to target, a faster acquisition time, and higher image resolution of plates at further distances. Because mobility is key, the LaserCam 4 also offers wireless print capabilities for roadside citations.

LaserCam 4 Snapshot of Video Target Tracking

Kustom Signals continues to be your leader for video evidence solutions and innovative speed enforcement technology. You can also count on our team to go beyond expectations in customer service and support. To explore our selection of high-quality products with industry-first features, contact us today.

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