Three Benefits of Body Worn Camera Programs

Body worn cameras (BWCs) have rapidly become the new norm for law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. As a law enforcement tool, BWCs have been utilized in the field since 2005, originating in the United Kingdom. American law agencies began incorporating body-worn cameras about ten years later. 

Across the spectrum of industries, the right tools are essential for getting the job done safely and correctly. The advancement of technology has helped create an expansion of these tools. Body worn cameras are a prime example—a tool law enforcement can use that offers multiple benefits.

Let’s look at three critical benefits offered by body-worn camera programs for law enforcement agencies.

1. Body Worn Cameras Reduce Citizen Fatality Rates by Deterring Crime

In a study profile posted by the National Institute of Justice, in November 2022, on the effects of body worn cameras on civilian fatality rates, the data supports the theory that BWCs help decrease fatalities. It states:

“Research on police body worn cameras emphasizes deterrence as the primary mechanism linking camera use to a variety of outcomes. A deterrence perspective suggests that body worn cameras would discourage both officers and citizens from engaging in inappropriate or illegal behavior because it may be captured on a video camera.”

The studies found that law enforcement agencies using BWCs had a statistically significant difference/decrease in “fatal citizen encounters” in the three-year time span from acquisition to post-acquisition/active use.

2. Fewer Officer Injuries Occur When Body Worn Cameras Used

When body worn cameras are in use, there is the potential for a reduction in officer injuries and fatalities. On average, civilians tend to pull back and exhibit less aggressive behavior when interacting with officers wearing body cameras. Deescalating dangerous situations helps keep both officers and civilians from harm.

At Kustom Signals, we are committed to providing tools that not only help make an officer’s job easier but equipment that works to keep law enforcement professionals safe. Our Argus Body Worn Camera features advanced AI technology that triggers recording based on real-time events and even officer movement. 

The BWC will trigger its recording feature when it detects a gunshot, a hard fall, running, and other situations. The AI has been trained to send life-saving alerts back to the base administrative team, allowing them to:

  • Send additional support
  • Initiate a livestream
  • Live-monitor to know exactly when the officer is in potential danger

3. Body Worn Cameras Make it Easier to Provide Tangible Evidence

Body worn cameras, even the most basic models, provide time-stamped audio and video footage. Innovative technology utilized in BWCs like our Argus Body Worn Camera makes it much easier to provide tangible evidence faster and more efficiently.

We know that countless hours and personnel time can be lost to outdated facial redaction processes. The advanced technology of Argus gives you one-touch facial redaction so evidence can be processed expediently without sacrificing critical time on manual video file processing. It’s designed for easy retrieval of important footage needed for ongoing investigations, court proceedings, internal reviews, training sessions, and more.

Argus BWCs Offer Proven Benefits for Law Enforcement

Research is ongoing to provide comprehensive data regarding the full impact BWCs can have on a law enforcement agency and its officers. In the meantime, AI powered Argus Body Worn Camera technology from Kustom Signals offers a host of proven features and advantages for law enforcement, including: 

  • Learns voice commands to trigger recordings, including pre-recorded common phrases
  • Allows agencies to submit custom phrases for Argus to learn
  • Automatically triggered by events including running, falls, gunshot detection, and more
  • Sends alerts sent back to administration to allow for situation assessment
  • Allows administration to see exactly what the officer sees and find them via GPS 
  • 4G capable
  • 12-hour battery life with hot swappable battery 
  • Removes background noise from footage
  • Integrates with the future Argus in-car video system

For additional information about Argus and to place your order, contact us today.

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