7 Best Places to Use Messaging Trailers

Variable messaging signs (VMS) often have a significant impact on drivers to get them to slow down and take in an important and timely message. Alerts and messages keep everyone on the road informed, on track, and safe.

Because of their versatility, VMS trailers are ideal for a variety of uses. They can help direct traffic, inform the public of upcoming weather conditions, provide safety reminders, relay emergency information, and much more. 

Drivers typically reduce their speed in order to read the information displayed on a variable message sign, according to a report in the Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Because of the attention they draw, variable messaging signs have the potential to be highly effective communication and speed enforcement tools. All Kustom Signals VMS trailers are equipped with RADAR that can provide feedback to tell drivers to slow down.

While VMS trailers can be used nearly everywhere, there are seven specific places where this easy-to-use tool works best:

1. High Traffic Areas

In high-traffic areas, a VMS trailer will serve to remind motorists about impaired driving or to relay emergency data.

2. Construction Zones

In construction zones, messages for road closures, reduced speed ahead, and road crew awareness are crucial for the safety of everyone present.

3. Schools and Campuses

With a VMS trailer, schools can change the sign easily as needed and include graphics, animations, and flashing line texts to command attention. 

4. Beach Resorts

Resort areas with beaches, whether coastal or lake-wise, may opt for a messaging trailer to keep visitors and residents up-to-date regarding tides, wildlife, and essential weather conditions. 

5. Ski Resort Areas

VMS trailers can be used similarly for ski villages and mountain resort areas—ideal when alerting motorists to weather-related road closures, rock slides, and various alerts.

6. Industrial Plants

Commercial facilities and industrial plants with large campuses and private inter-roads may opt for a messaging trailer to help direct incoming traffic and personnel.

7. Airports

Airports, whether large or small, can utilize messaging trailers to communicate dynamic information about traffic routing, flight status, and other essential traveler information in an effective way.

Benefits of a Kustom Signals SMART VMS Trailer

A Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART) can be used easily for both static and dynamic messages while being equipped with RADAR feedback too. SMART VMS messaging trailers from Kustom Signals are ideal for a range of locations and applications, from municipal and county roads to campuses, high-traffic intersections, and even the narrowest shoulders found along rural routes. A SMART VMS trailer is highly visible, easy to operate, versatile, and portable.

Features include:

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4-line messages
  • Seven- to thirty-inch characters
  • Pre-programmed and user-created messages
  • Large text plus full display-sized graphics
  • Legible/readable up to 1,000 feet (305 meters)
  • Ability to flash individual lines or entire message
  • RADAR feedback programmable messages
  • All LED full matrix and graphics capable

Kustom Signals Messaging Trailers

Kustom Signals offers three distinct messaging trailers to suit your needs, whether it’s for a municipality, educational institution, emergency management agency, private business, public works, or a health, fire, or police department.

VMS I is quick and easy to set up and install. It’s designed for static and dynamic messages and features amber LED lights, GPS, an adjustable solar panel, one to three lines of text, and a choice of nine font styles. The VMS I is a 4-foot by 8-foot full matrix changeable messaging sign with radar.

VMS II/HT offers outstanding mobility with its ability to be attached to and transported by nearly any vehicle with a removable two-inch ball hitch. Ideal for narrow shoulders and tighter spaces, this messaging trailer features a Wi-Fi modem plus 4G with GPS. It can be programmed with up to four lines of messages with up to twelve characters per line plus a choice of eleven font styles. The VMS II is a four-foot by six-foot full matrix changeable sign with Kustom Signals K-Band RADAR.

VMS III, like the VMS II, can be easily attached to and transported by a vehicle using a removable two-inch ball inch, but it also offers the ability to display larger text and graphics, and it has a traffic data recording system. Customize messages by up to four lines with eighteen characters per line. There’s an option for character fonts with heights from five inches to a full nineteen inches, full-height chevrons, moving arrows, and the ability to flash individual lines or the entire message. The VMS III is a three-foot by six-foot full matrix changeable sign with Kustom Signals K-Band RADAR.

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