IACP Wrap-Up: The Chiefs of Police Annual Conference Crosses the Finish Line

The International Association Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) annual conference was held in Chicago October 27-29. This year’s message, “Shaping the Future of the Police Profession” brought together innovative leaders for all types of technology offerings to be used by law enforcement. The conference agenda offered leaders “new strategies, techniques, and resources they need to successfully navigate the evolving policing environment.” The conference delivers on its promise.

Exhibitors from areas of innovation were in attendance. Here is some of what captured our attention:

  • VeroVision from ChemImage is bringing some impressive new technology to market. The tech acts as a short wave spectrometer that they refer to as “molecular chemical imaging.” It is used to identify drug and explosive residue at the molecular level with an advanced camera imaging system. Threat detection applications for Law Enforcement include roadside checks, ports, border and airport security checkpoints and large venues like sporting events, conventions, etc.
  • More and more drone technology is being featured. There was an anti-drone platform from Fortem SkyDome that will deploy a net to capture and retrieve other drones of interest. There was also a quadcopter on display that would allow a pilot to fly the vehicle while riding it like a motorcycle.
IACP Hoversurf
  • A-WASP had a larger presence at IACP this year. The A-WASP is a long range acoustic communication device for long range communications. This long range communication system is hand-held as compared to the trailer mounted platforms offered by other companies.

Kustom Signals sees this conference as an opportunity to connect with our customer base, extend our knowledge through new engagements and share our advancements in traffic speed monitoring devices and law enforcement camera systems to the leaders within this community. Every year is a challenge to try to come up with a unique way to engage with our community in an arena where there is so much to see.

IACP Racing Simulator

This year, we won the race!

IACP participants were invited to try out our racing simulator and it was a huge success! Speeds were being tracked on our Eagle 3 mounted radar and our Eyewitness HD digital in-car video system recorded the action. Take a look at our video and share in the fun! We will see everyone at #IACP2020 in New Orleans.

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