In-Car Video Just Got Extreme

If you’ve experienced extreme temperatures this winter and were concerned whether your in-car video system could handle the brutal cold, consider Kustom’s G3 Vision with an Extreme Vault.  Developed for a national police agency to comply with their challenging cold weather requirements, this system significantly exceeds the G3 Vision’s already impressive low temperature performance as well as providing unmatched protection from crashes, tampering and fire. 

The Extreme Vault option is a high security, stainless steel vault designed to protect the DVR and recording media.  The vault includes a thermostatically controlled environmental system to heat and cool the DVR as needed – allowing the system to operate in temperatures from -67°F to +185°F (-55C to +85C). That’s almost 40°F colder than most competitive systems can operate.  No other in-car system offers this level of protection from extreme temperatures.  The stainless steel construction, insulation and lockable access door provide unmatched physical protection as well.

Features of the Maximum Security Stainless Steel Vault:


  • Superior protection against temperature extremes, crash, tampering and fire
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel construction
  • Lockable access door
  • Thermostatically controlled environmental system
  • -67°F to +185°F (-55°C to +85°C) operating temperature range

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