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Kustom Signals Announces Mount Anywhere Options for Vantage

Are You Driving Intexticated?

Posted: Friday - 4.12.2019 @ 8:36am

“Whether it’s texting, calling, navigating, or something else, using your cellphone while driving can be dangerous. In fact, texting and driving can have the same consequences as drinking and driving: deaths and injuries. Help reduce the number of these preventable tragedies by putting down your phone—because lives depend on it. You don’t drive intoxicated, so don’t drive intexticated” AAA has put out an extensive campaign on distracted driving that includes the campaign message, “You wouldn’t drink and drive, so why would you text and drive?”

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PMD 10 & 12 Has Now Launched!

Kustom Signals Announces the Eagle 3 Takes Flight

Posted: Monday - 9.10.2018 @ 10:12am

Lenexa, KS, September 10, 2018 - Kustom Signals, Inc. is excited to announce that the revolutionary new Eagle® 3 RADAR is now shipping. The Eagle 3 directional RADAR offers front and rear scan mode, color touch screen display, and a new electronic tuning fork feature.

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Kustom Signals Announces LaserCam 4 Receives Florida Rule 15B Certication

Yardarm Holster Aware Sensor will soon be available for use with Eyewitness Vantage Body-Worn Video

Posted: Tuesday - 10.17.2017 @ 2:33pm

Kustom Signals, Inc. and Yardarm Technologies, Inc. announced today that EyewitnessTM Vantage body-worn video will soon be available with the Yardarm Holster AwareTM Sensor for auto-activation when an officer unholsters their weapon. The jointly developed solution will be available for demonstration at the 2017 IACP Conference in Philadelphia. Agencies are invited to register to evaluate the product at or at the Kustom Signals booth (Booth 2918) during the conference.

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